How To Play Pull Shot In Cricket

By | February 11, 2020

While some fans may wish to see a player play the pull shot in cricket, this is often frowned upon by others. The logic is simple: a bowler will be straining his body and the risk of injury is high. So, why bother to watch a shot that will, at the very least, break a sweat, or else leave bruises and scratches on your skin? In order to understand how to play pull shot in cricket, you must first understand how a bowler works.

How to play Pull Shot In Cricket

A bowler generally starts in the traditional manner: at the wicket, he must work on getting the ball on the right path to the pitch. His first step will be to call for the ball; when it comes, he aims the ball at the fielder who is out to field. But what happens when the ball does not hit the fielder? Well, there are four options. If the bowler feels that the ball has not been pulled sufficiently, he will have a fourth option. He can pull the ball again, but this will result in a foul and will incur an out. Once the ball has been pulled, the next option is to hand the ball to a fast bowler. There is nothing to be done if the bowler fails to pass the ball, as his job is done. All he can do is toss the ball back to the bowler in the opposite end. This is called the ‘pot’ technique. At the end of the day, the only thing that all bowlers want to do is to score runs, and the pot is where they seek refuge from the pressure of hitting the ball down the ground. This is where the pull shot comes in handy.

pull shot in cricket

pull shot Cricketsport

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There is no doubt that the pull shot is a far more important part of a match if one is in a chase – if one is out at the boundary or off the last ball and the bowlers go after the quick ball. In that case, the bowler will have to resort to the pull shot as quickly as possible in order to clear out the outfield and to reach the top of the pitch before the opposition batsmen get to them. Not many bowlers try to add to their strength through speed play. And in the era of fast bowling, it is quite common to see bowlers run around at one hundred miles per hour, an extreme pace for any bowler to even attempt to match. But the pull shot is becoming more popular and is being used with increasing frequency in the modern-day.

A slow speed is taken at two minutes’ length and a rapid speed at six and a half minutes’ length. These speeds can only be attained by locating the bat-path over the grass. When you see a bowler pulling a ball, you are likely to see him swinging his body to one side so that the bat path is parallel to the ground, not directly over the grass. The bat, too, has to follow the bat path, which would mean that it should be held parallel to the ground at all times. The only way to achieve this is to avoid colliding with the outfield rope and to begin work in earnest while the ball is still high in the air.

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The best timing to take the pull shot, though, is when the bat is released from the side and travels upwards – this is when the bat can hit the top of the grass. When this occurs, the bowler is given enough time to travel to the top of the pitch and to strike the ball so that it makes its way across the grass and goes over the fielder’s head. With the right techniques, any bowler can learn how to play pull shot in cricket. Just be sure that you find a professional who knows the ropes!

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