PCB accuses Omar Akmal of anti-corruption code violation

By | March 21, 2020

PCB accuses Omar Akmal of anti-corruption code violation

Karachi: Controversial Pakistan batsman Omar Akmal on Friday faced two separate allegations of the Anti-Corruption Code of the Pakistan Cricket Board.

Omar, who was temporarily suspended on February 20 and went missing to play the Quetta Gladiators in the Pakistan Super League, was forced to reveal impugned ways to deal with the PCB vigilance and security department (immediately) He has been charged for neglect.

He was given a charge sheet on 17 March and given time to react by 31 March. It was 2.4.4 for the enemy of PCB’s debation code.

According to the Anti-Corruption Code Article 6.2, the scope of the allowable time of a charge and disqualified as a liable for violation of Article 2.4.4 is at least half a year and a lifetime limit.

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a tendency to get into difficulty with the foundation, which was again removed in February, long before the PSL, to get out of hand with a patron during a wellness test in Lahore.

The PCB then stated that the incident occurred due to a misconception.

In addition to this, Umar has faced disciplinary activity before at various events, most prominently in that he clashed with the previous head trainer, Mickey Arthur, in Lahore during a training meeting and was forced to use foul language. Blamed for

In addition, he was sent back from England’s 2017 Champions Trophy in the Wellness Test for bomb-making but Omar guaranteed that Arthur would not need him in the group.

Another previous head trainer, Waqar Younis, worked in the much-touted classified report that sent Omar to play domestic cricket for any event in a year to leave Pakistan’s group and opt for cricket discipline. Was.

The skilled batsman, who scored a double century in the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy in December in Karachi in December, has raised the temper of a foul himself.

Since he was suspended by the PCB a month ago, Omar remained under the radar and avoided media headlines.

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