ICC picks a bone with India yet again

A single-page letter sent out last week by the International Cricket Council (ICC) to all its 92 ‘associate members’ now threatens to bring about a divide in world cricket and its administration like never before. The said letter — in word and spirit — takes direct aim at the allpowerful BCCI, England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB), Cricket… Read More »

How To Play Pull Shot In Cricket

While some fans may wish to see a player play the pull shot in cricket, this is often frowned upon by others. The logic is simple: a bowler will be straining his body and the risk of injury is high. So, why bother to watch a shot that will, at the very least, break a sweat, or else… Read More »

How to Play Cover Drive in Cricket

Cover Drive in Cricket Lets Talk about of Cover Drive in Cricket,  When you watch a cricket match, you might see one team taking the field with a good batting line up, but they would also be missing a third player on their side Cover – the third player is the man in the middle, the cover bowler.… Read More »


            VIRAT KOHLI FALLS is a charming town in the Alps, on the edge of Switzerland’s third-largest city of Zurich. I’ve lived here a little while and it’s a stunning town with great attractions. VIRAT KOHLI FALLS is all about authenticity and art which can be found in its shops and museums. Read… Read More »

Learn How to Play Hockey in India 2020

Learn How to Play Hockey in India Hockey in India is a dream to most parents because of the beautiful history and the history of these sports. India has produced some of the greatest hockey players who are here to inspire other generations. They too must be thinking about how to learn hockey and how to take it… Read More »

CricketSports On IPL2020

IPl cricket, known as IPL, has become a phenomenon in the cricketing world. If you are an amateur cricket fan, you would love to follow cricket matches in IPL. This is the second season of IPL and people from all over the world have come out to watch the matches in its cricket matches. The match begins with… Read More »

Cricket T20 is often seen as the ultimate CricketSport

Cricket T20 is often seen as the ultimate sport. Players in it are famous for their achievements both on and off the field. Cricket is now a very popular sport in Japan, the Philippines, and many other countries too. There are cricket tournaments in Spain, Finland, England, South Africa, New Zealand, USA, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh,… Read More »

What’s Test Cricket

In the end, Test cricket is really not much different from the other cricket we have. They all are about equal; they can all be about victories and defeats but, they are all about getting to the final and then to win. Test cricket is really not that hard to understand as you will soon find out. As… Read More »