Human life is priority, games have to be taken back: Wasim Jaffer on India’s coronavirus lockdown

Headline It’s extremely special and grievous above all else: Wasim Jaffer on Covid-19 emergency Fortunately, the circumstance isn’t as panicky as individuals had envisioned: Jaffer on the lockdown Remaining at home, investing increasingly more energy with children and spouse: Jaffer on his present everyday practice Former Indian opener and late Ranji Trophy stalwart Wasim Jaffer,

COVID-19: Virat Kohli and boys give customized workout routine during lockdown

New Delhi: The administration needs a lockdown to fight the coronovirus episode, Indian cricketers are all over the house and investing energy with their families. In any case, in an interview with physio and Nitin Patel, quality and molding mentor Nick Webb has changed the schedule for Virat Kohli and the youngsters, to guarantee that

Super Volcanic Eruption Didn’t Destroy Mankind 74,000 Years Ago According To Stone Tools Suggestion 

Super Volcanoes Due To Erupt List Of Volcanic Eruptions: Mankind might have kept on flourishing regardless of a supervolcanic eruption 74,000 years back, as per a recent study. The finding has a significant impact on our present-day comprehension of the history of mankind.  ICC picks a bone with India yet again Researchers from Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom, and India discovered stone tools and different antiquities in the Dhaba