How to Play Cover Drive in Cricket

By | February 10, 2020

Cover Drive in Cricket

Lets Talk about of Cover Drive in Cricket,  When you watch a cricket match, you might see one team taking the field with a good batting line up, but they would also be missing a third player on their side Cover – the third player is the man in the middle, the cover bowler. Covering the wicket of a fast bowler can be a very difficult job and this article will be looking at some of the basics in covering.

Covering a ball that is pitched outside off and the medium is one of the hardest things to do as the ball doesn’t necessarily want to drop away from the wicket. It’s important to cover for the ball to bounce or not to run over the stumps.

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In order to do this, you need to move your body sideways in order to cover the ball in a straight line. Ideally, you’ll want to get ahead of the ball so that it won’t come back onto the pitch. You also want to move your arm and body in the same direction so that the ball will come back towards the batsman, rather than hitting the pad.

If you are out of position, you can move your body to get back into position. Some people will slide back before the ball has even reached them, but there are other methods of staying put until the ball gets close enough to cover. If you are looking to cover the ball outside off, try to make sure that the top of your shoulder is turned towards the wicket and that you are looking directly at the ball.

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Some people like to try and hit the ball flat at the square leg for a higher chance of hitting the stumps. Be aware that it can often be difficult to see the ball through a gap between the legs.

The other thing to consider is which angle you should be covering from if you are trying to hit the stumps at the opening. There are several ways to look at the first two holes of the stumps, but this article will focus on the opening hole.

Sometimes you might not be able to see the top of the opening hole, as the ball may bounce over the stumps when it gets closer to the opening. Try to concentrate on where the ball is going, rather than the actual hole, as this will help you hit the ball straighter.

Once you’ve got the ball in the opening hole, you’ll have to decide where to bowl it from. Generally speaking, if you want to hit the ball past the stumps, you should bowl from the inside of the opening hole, but if you want to hit the ball at the front of the opening hole, you should bowl from the outside of the opening hole.

Most bowlers like to bowl from the left-Handers’ openers as they are hitting the ball hard and on a straight line. This will mean you have to think carefully about your bowling and what it will do if the ball bounces.

If the ball comes in at an angle, you will need to try and drive it into the slips so that it can be caught easily. You might also be able to bowl some short balls to try and hit the ball into the slips.

There are other ways to deal with the ball if it hits the top of the middle, such as bouncing the ball on the hand, or waiting for it to bounce onto the pads of the bat. There are many other details that come into play when trying to play cover drive in cricket, and this article is only an introduction to the basic concepts.

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