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Super Volcanic Eruption Didn’t Destroy Mankind 74,000 Years Ago According To Stone Tools Suggestion 

Super Volcanoes Due To Erupt List Of Volcanic Eruptions: Mankind might have kept on flourishing regardless of a supervolcanic eruption 74,000 years back, as per a recent study. The finding has a significant impact on our present-day comprehension of the history of mankind.  ICC picks a bone with India yet again Researchers from Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom, and India discovered stone tools and different antiquities in the Dhaba

What The Delhi High Court Directed To The CBSE Board After The Violence In Northeast Delhi Erupted 

CBSE Postpones Board Exams For 3 Days In Violence-Hit Northeast Delhi The Delhi High Court on Wednesday asked the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to make the decision on conducting board exams in the violence-hit Northeast Delhi by 5 pm and advise people in general about the same by 6 pm.   The court directed the board to settle on the board exams in north-east Delhi centers to be held on Feb 27,

ICC picks a bone with India yet again

A single-page letter sent out last week by the International Cricket Council (ICC) to all its 92 ‘associate members’ now threatens to bring about a divide in world cricket and its administration like never before. The said letter — in word and spirit — takes direct aim at the allpowerful BCCI, England & Wales Cricket